Top Benefits of Installing a Home Wheelchair Lift vs. an Elevator

If you or someone in your household uses a wheelchair, you might have thought about having an elevator installed. After all, you could be looking for a safe and effective way to use the upper and lower levels in your home. Before you go through the process of having an elevator installed, however, you should check out wheelchair lifts instead. A wheelchair lift is often a better option for home use than an elevator for these reasons and more.

You Don't Have to Have as Much Space

One reason why you might be worried about installing an elevator in your home could be because you aren't sure of whether or not you have enough space for one. Although there are small, narrow elevators that can be better suited for smaller spaces, they can still take up quite a bit more space than a wheelchair lift. Therefore, a wheelchair lift is probably going to be a better choice if you don't have a lot of space to work with. Of course, you will still need to make sure that your wheelchair lift is large enough to accommodate the size of your wheelchair and that it's strong enough to accommodate both the weight of your wheelchair and your own weight. Someone who installs wheelchair lifts can talk to you about the size that you need.

It Should Be Much Cheaper

Although you might like the idea of installing an elevator in your home, one concern that you might have might be related to the cost of this type of installation. As you can probably imagine, installing an elevator in your home can be pretty expensive, even if you go with a simple design. A wheelchair lift is typically more affordable to purchase, and a professional installation should not be too costly. If you're still unsure, you can contact someone who professionally installs wheelchair lifts, since they should be able to give you a quote. They might also let you know about financing options or government programs that can help you with paying for your wheelchair lift.

Maintenance and Repairs Should Be Simpler

Of course, once you have either an elevator or a lift installed in your home, you will need to make sure that you keep it in good condition. This is important for safety purposes and if you want to be able to rely on your wheelchair lift to work properly. Since the design is usually simpler with home wheelchair lifts, maintenance and repairs may be simpler and more affordable, too.