Top Tips When Buying A Shipping Container For Your Business

Shipping containers are an instant solution for business people looking for storage and transport solutions. Read this excerpt for some tips on how to purchase a shipping container. 

Size is a vital concern for most people buying shipping containers. Typically, shipping containers come in 20 and 40 feet. However, some companies will customise the container your preferred dimensions. Besides, the company can add rollup doors, windows and shelves if you would want to use the container as a storage space or to run a marketing campaign. The downside of buying custom containers is that it may be challenging to sell the container when you no longer need it. For instance, a 50-foot container cannot be used in the transport industry. As such, customised containers are ideal for people that need the container for extended periods.

You should also check the available types of shipping containers. For instance, refrigerated containers are perfect for people that would want to store or transport pharmaceuticals or farm products. Some containers will have doors at the sides or at the front to ease loading and unloading. Use flat rack containers to transport oversized products.

Most buyers will be in a dilemma of whether to purchase new or used containers. Used containers are cheaper than new containers. However, observe caution when buying a used container. Some of your concerns should include:

  • What was the container's previous use? For example, you could poison foods if the container was used to transport or store hazardous materials.
  • Check the condition of the container. Look out for underneath rust, water damage on the floor, dysfunctional doors and locks. Some sellers will provide a detailed inspection report from a certified container inspector.
  • Compare the prices of a few used containers in reasonable condition. It prevents you from buying overpriced products.
  • Check the container's warranty. It will help you determine how much longer you can use the container without anticipating any damages. 

When buying a new shipping container, check the materials used to manufacture the container. Preferably, the container should be made from Corten steel. The material is rust-resistant, hardy and weldable. As such, these containers are durable and easy to modify. Purchase the container from reputable dealers. When buying online, vet the seller to ensure that he or she provides guarantees and warranties. With inadequate funds, you could opt to purchase a one-trip container. These are containers that have been used for a single voyage. As such, they are in a near-new state but cheaper than new containers.  

When buying a shipping container, choose an appropriate size and type of container. Besides, observe the recommended tips when buying new and used shipping containers.