3 Essential Line Marking Machine Accessories

If you are looking to start a road or pavement line marking business, you need the right accessories for your line marking machine. It is the only way to get the most from your line marking machine. Unfortunately, most businesses think that using the machine on its own is sufficient. However, efficiency and productivity can be enhanced further. Read on for insight into the right accessories to invest in for your line marking machine.  

Saddle Bag

While most line marking projects solely use white or yellow paint, some tasks require other paint colours, such as red and black. Therefore, if you rely on the main tank alone, you will be forced to stop and refill the tank with the desired colour frequently. It can be time-consuming, especially if you are on a tight schedule. A saddlebag eliminates this challenge since it allows you to pack two more paint containers beside the main tank. As the name suggests, the saddlebag is strapped onto the line marking machine just as a saddle is placed on a horse. The two pockets on each side have a lot of room to hold things. Once it is in place, all an operator does is feed the nozzles with the desired paint using the main tank's hose. The accessory makes the clean-up process stress-free and straightforward.

 A Jockey Wheel 

Marking curved lines can be quite challenging, especially if the front wheels on the line marking machine are fixed. In addition, making sharp turns is a nightmare, and line markers are often forced to use handheld line marking machines in such cases. A jockey wheel is a simple but ingenious accessory that is attached to the front of a line marking machine. Once in place, it raises the front wheels off the ground, thus giving an operator total maneuverability. Ultimately, a jockey wheel makes it easy to mark tight, curved lines on roads.

 Extendable Loading Ramps

Even engine-operated line marking machines have to be transported to a project site in a truck. Therefore, ramps are necessary to load and unload the device appropriately. However, some places can be challenging, and standard ramps might not suffice. For example, if the line marking machine needs to be delivered to the other side of a ditch and standard ramps aren't long enough, an extendable ramp will do the trick. Therefore, you will not have to worry about finding a spot to unload or unload the line marking machine if you have an extendable loading ramp.

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