3 Innovations that Enhance Use of Fibre Cement Boards in Renovations

If you are starting out in the home renovation business, then your timing couldn't have been better. Homeowners are opting to renovate their homes rather than move due to the increasing property prices. That said, homeowners want value for their money when they spend on renovations. Therefore, if you have been relying on wood, PVC, and aluminium as your primary renovation materials of choice, you need to explore further. Fibre cement boards are an emerging option in this regard. Fibre cement boards are a durable, low-cost cladding alternative to wood and tiles. While your clients will be drawn to the above benefits, the innovations in fibre cement products will grow your business.

Inexpensive Finishes – Most homeowners renovate their homes for aesthetic reasons. While homeowners can decorate with wood, stone, or PVC, the finishes can be quite expensive. For instance, etching patterns on stone or wood or painting the patterns is both time consuming and extravagant. It is the reason why renovation contractors prefer to use fibre cement boards for the exteriors. Fibre cement boards come in different finishes that skillfully mimic a myriad of natural materials. Therefore, clients don't have to spend time painting the boards or etching out patterns. Besides, homeowners can use fibre cement boards on both interior and exterior renovations without digging deep into their pockets.

Mitred Corners – Achieving seamless corners with fibre cement boards is a problem that has plagued renovation contractors for quite some time. It can be attributed to the visible gaps at edges that have to be filled either with cladding material or cut-out fibre cement strips. However, using cladding or cement strips leaves behind a dull finish at the corners. Mitred corners help to solve the problem in two ways. First, mitred corners can be made out of the horizontal panels whereby the corners are bevelled to achieve a 90-degree angle. The second solution is to use mitred-corner extensions that fit right into the corners. What stands out about mitred-corner extensions is that you can purchase them in similar finishes as the horizontal panels to achieve a seamless finish.

All-Weather Technology – When choosing renovation materials for the exteriors, renovation contractors have to be careful since different regions experience different weather conditions. For example, standard wood does not do well in highly humid areas since wood warps in high humidity. However, fibre cement boards are well engineered using the latest cement technology that allows the material to withstand any weather conditions. Therefore, your business gains access to a broader market.