Outdoor Home Improvement: Should You Install a Gabled Patio?

If you are planning on building a patio or improving your current space, you should think about using a gable roof system. Gable roofs are popular in home construction because of their functional and classic design. Unfortunately, most homeowners choose to install flat roof coverings over their patios. This preference can be attributed to the simplicity of the flat design and its low costs. If you are interested in deviating from this norm, you should consider opting for a gabled patio. Here are the primary benefits that you stand to gain by choosing the gable roof system over the flat alternative.

Efficient Water Drainage

Proper drainage is essential for your patio roof. If the water runoff from the rain is not efficient, the roofing system will deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to moisture. In simple terms, if your roof is flat, rainwater will remain on the surface for longer, especially if there is debris. As a result, the metal panels or tiles will be more susceptible to corrosion and rot. The slant or slope of a gabled roof will allow water to flow from the roofing fast, ensuring that the integrity of the structure is maintained.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Gable patios have roofs that have a pitched appearance with triangular gables installed at the ends. This design is more visually appealing in comparison to a flat roof. The design of this roof will give a beautiful impression of more space beneath the roof. Flat roofs are functional for outdoor structures such as carports. However, they are too plain for a patio and have no specific point of visual interest.

Reduced Heat Absorption

Flat roofs tend to absorb a lot of heat during hot days. Therefore, they can make your beautiful patio unsuitable for relaxation during hot weather. Typically, the sun will heat a flat roof directly, and this will allow the heat to be transmitted fast to the protected space. A gabled roof has sloping sides; the sun can only heat the surface indirectly and in a limited area. Consequently, you can enjoy cooler days beneath the roofing structure.

Attached or Detached Design

Finally, you should note that a gabled roof is perfect whether you are planning on building a detached or attached patio. If you are interested in a separate structure, you can build a gabled pergola or gazebo to match your needs. If you are planning on creating a traditional patio, you can install an attached gabled roof to complement your main roof.