What can you do with your business ewaste?

How do you deal with all the waste your business generates? Your paper and packaging waste can often be easily recycled, while much of your other business waste will go for landfill or incineration, but what about your ewaste? You could send it all to landfill along with your general waste, but isn't there something better that you could do with all of it?

What exactly is ewaste?

Ewaste is the term used to describe all of the surplus IT equipment that your business produces each year. Most businesses couldn't run without lots of desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, fax machines and printers. All of this equipment has a very limited lifespan before it needs to be upgraded or replaced. Sometimes your IT equipment is replaced because it has ceased to function but often it is simply because it can no longer run the latest software, or because your staff prefer more up-to-date phones. Once your equipment is no longer needed it becomes ewaste and must be disposed of somewhere.

What can you do with your ewaste?

You can't simply place all of your old computers into the storage cupboard and forget about them. You will need to get them off your premises somehow. You could see whether your surplus IT equipment can be sold on to someone who can make good use of it, but if it is damaged or unsaleable then you will need to arrange for ewaste recycling. Ewaste recycling has grown in popularity in recent years as the amount of obsolete IT equipment has continued to grow around the world and landfill and incineration continue to be unsatisfactory solutions to the problem.

For what equipment can ewaste recycling be used?

Many people are surprised to learn how much of their surplus equipment can undergo ewaste recycling. Items of technology as diverse as a fax machine and a tablet can be stripped apart and have their components recycled. Whether you have a scanner, a laptop or a mobile phone there are parts of it that can be effectively recycled. Why clog up the landfill site with equipment that can be used? By taking advantage of free ewaste recycling your business can quickly dispose of your surplus computers, peripherals and other IT equipment.

Call your nearest waste collection centre now and talk to them about how they can recycle your old IT equipment and boost the green credentials of your business.