Do you need to buy an engagement ring?

Have you found the person of your dreams? Locating someone you want to be your lifelong partner is a wonderful feeling. It's only natural that you will want to make your relationship official and place a ring on their finger at the earliest opportunity. Diamond engagement rings are the traditional way to mark your intention to marry, and any person receiving such a ring would be delighted.

Setting the scene

If you are planning to become engaged, it's natural that you would feel a little nervous, so you must put some effort into planning the timing of the engagement so you can be confident that your marriage proposal will be well-received. You will want to set the right mood with a gentle romantic atmosphere, but the setting for the proposal is always a matter of personal choice. Some couples opt for a romantic meal while others prefer a sunset encounter on the beach. You must judge the tastes of your future spouse and select the most appropriate. However, while location and the timing of the proposal must be, at least in part, determined in the moment, one thing that you must plan is the engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings come in a range of styles, and you must think ahead and choose the perfect ring for your partner.

Planning the ring

Before you can select the right engagement ring, you must think about the person who will be wearing it. What size are their fingers? What colours would best complement their skin tones? Do they favour size or subtlety in their jewellery? Understanding their tastes will help you pick the perfect ring. Do they like the thrill of a large diamond, or would the sparkle of smaller diamonds placed around the ring be more appealing?

Perhaps, it is the ring band that is often the most challenging for any future spouse. It can be tempting to think that all diamond wedding rings should have a yellow gold band, but that isn't always the case. Yellow gold can look good, as can white gold, but gold is a soft metal and if either of you needs to remove the ring regularly, the gold will soon start to wear, and it will need to be strengthened after a few years.  An alternative band option is platinum, which is less likely to wear out but can still accentuate the natural beauty of the diamonds.

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