Two steps you can take to prevent customers and employees from being injured on your premises

If an employee or customer sustains an injury whilst they are on your business premises, it could have a serious impact on the financial health and reputation of your enterprise. As such, it's important to do everything you can to prevent injuries from occurring in your commercial space. Here are two ways to do this.

Invest in some products that will enable you to easily repaint the lines in your car park on a regular basis

A car park with faded lines can be hazardous for both drivers and pedestrians to use.

For example, if the lines that indicate where the pedestrian routes are located have deteriorated to the point where they are barely visible, there is a much greater chance that a person walking from the car park to your commercial building will accidentally wander into the middle of the driving lane and get struck by a passing vehicle.

Likewise, if the lines which indicate where drivers should park have faded, there is a risk that one car will accidentally collide with another when attempting to enter or exit a specific space.

As such, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you have the items you need to repaint any lines in your car park as and when these lines begin to fade.

In addition to keeping a tin of exterior, weatherproof paint on hand at all times, you may also want to invest in some line marking stencils, as these can make quick work of what is usually quite a laborious and time-consuming task.

The stencils will enable you (or the employee you assign to perform this task) to quickly and easily create precise, clean lines, without accidentally splattering paint elsewhere on the ground.

Opt for non-slip flooring

Whilst glossy, smooth floor tiles might give your commercial space an elegant and modern appearance, they could also significantly increase the risk of someone getting hurt on your premises.

The reason for this is as follows; flooring with a very smooth texture can be extremely slippery. If a person is wearing high-traction footwear and visits your premises a dry day, this might not be a problem.

However, if it rains heavily and one of your employees or customers happens to be wearing a pair of shoes with low-traction soles, there is a good chance that the combination of the rainwater, their choice of footwear and the smooth floor, will result in them slipping and badly injuring themselves when they step into your building. This could leave them with a concussion, a sprain or even a fracture.

As such, it is best to opt for non-slip flooring (such as carpets or textured tiles). For more information, contact companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd.